Behind the Scenes: Meet the Merrifields


Behind the Scenes - Meet the Merrifields

Please note this content was written and produced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Verywell Family and Ford recommend readers follow CDC guidelines as they pertain to social distancing.

As the parents of seven children, Jessica and Will Merrifield know a thing or two about managing a large family. Living in a big family means more dishes, more laundry, and more bills. But it also means more love.

The family loves enjoying new adventures together. And the kids recognize the benefits of having a lot of siblings, like the ability to make up fun games with one another and never being bored.

While getting everyone ready and out the door every day is a challenge, the Ford Transit van helps them get everywhere they need to be. Their van not only gives them the space and peace of mind they want, but it also helps them bond as a family.

They often turn their time in the vehicle into an opportunity to check in with each child.

Will and Jessica ask the kids questions like, “What’s one thorn and one rose from today?” or “What was the best part of your week?” They make conversation fun and encourage each child to share how they’re doing.

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