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Your beauty routine doesn't have to stop just because you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Learn all about pregnancy- and breastfeeding-safe skin care, aesthetic treatments, and more.

Woman putting on teeth whitening strip
Can I Whiten My Teeth While Pregnant?
Woman holding baby looking at postpartum body
What Is a "Mommy Makeover"?
Baby getting ears pierced
When Can I Get My Baby's Ears Pierced?
Woman in salon
Can I Use Hair Toner While Pregnant?
Woman getting a facial
Can I Get a Facial While Pregnant?
Woman with chemically straightened hair
Can I Get Chemical Hair Straightening While Pregnant?
Woman getting leg waxed
Can I Wax My Legs While Pregnant?
Woman applying skincare
Dermatologists on What Skincare Is OK While Trying to Conceive
Woman speaking to doctor
Should I Get Breast Implants Before or After Kids?
Woman with straight hair
Can I Get a Hair Treatment Like Keratin While Pregnant?
man painting pregnant woman's toes
Can I Get a Gel Manicure While Pregnant?
pregnant woman with braces
Can I Get Braces While Pregnant?
Hands in a beauty salon getting nails polished
Can I Get a Gel Manicure While Breastfeeding?
Women getting laser skin resurfacing
Can I Get Laser Skin Resurfacing During Pregnancy?
Vitamin C skincare on slices of orange
Can I Use Vitamin C in Skincare While Pregnant?
Illustration of woman in bra and underwear holding c section scar
How to Take Care of a C-Section Scar
Woman's upper lip close-up
What Is Pregnancy Melasma (Pregnancy Mask)?
Laser hair removal treatment
Can I Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?
A woman's eyes with tinted eyelashes
Can I Tint My Lashes While Pregnant?
pregnant woman washing face
Can I Use Benzoyl Peroxide While Pregnant?
Woman getting facial filler
Can I Get Facial Filler While Pregnant?
Beautiful pregnant woman shopping for beauty products in shopping mall
Can I Use Glycolic Acid While Pregnant?
Woman scratching her head
How to Handle an Itchy Scalp Postpartum
Woman putting azelaic acid cream on face
Can I Use Azelaic Acid While Pregnant?
Woman squeezing dropper of tea tree oil into her palm
Can I Use Tea Tree Oil While Pregnant?
Illustration of a pregnant woman wearing a face mask
How to Deal With Hormonal Acne During Pregnancy
Woman applying face serum.
Can I Use Hyaluronic Acid While Pregnant?
Woman getting Botox injection.
Can I Get Botox While Pregnant?
Woman breastfeeding
Can I Use Retinol While Breastfeeding?
Pregnant woman uses skincare
Can I Use Salicylic Acid While Pregnant?
Woman in hair salon
Can I Dye My Hair While Pregnant?
 Eva-Katalin / Getty Images
Do You Need A Specialized "Clean" Beauty Routine While Pregnant?
Woman applying lip balm to dry lips
Why Does Pregnancy Make My Skin and Lips Dry?
Pregnant woman applying skincare cream to her belly
Preventing or Reducing Stretch Marks in Pregnancy
risks of getting a piercing when pregnant
Can I Get a Piercing While Pregnant?
Tatooed pregnant woman sitting on a couch
Can You Get a Tattoo While Pregnant?
stretch marks
What Are Stretch Marks?
pregnant woman sitting by a pool
Pregnant and Sunburned. What to Do Next
Woman in front of a mirror, opening cream jar
What Is Chloasma?
woman in bikini applying sunscreen lotion at a tropical beach
How Are Both UVA and UVB Rays Important in a Suntan?
Pregnant with stretch marks
How to Prevent Stretch Marks When You're Pregnant
Pregnant woman applying cream to stretch marks
How Women Have a Different Skin Changes During Pregnancy
Pregnant woman pointing to line on her belly
What Causes the Dark Line on Your Pregnant Belly?
Pregnant woman looking at her belly
Tips for Dealing With an Itchy Belly During Pregnancy