Beautiful Handmade Kids' Party Invitations

Sure, you can buy invitations to send out for your next kids' party or other celebration. But why do that when you can make these gorgeous invitations in minutes with kids? It's not only a fun and easy craft for kids, but it'll also save money, too. Plus, it adds a personal touch that store-bought cards simply cannot match. With just a few materials, you can make cards like these in minutes. Read on to learn how. 


Assemble the materials to make the party invitations.

kids' party invitations
Gather the materials you'll need to make these pretty party invitations. Katherine Lee

You will need just a few simple materials to make these pretty party invitations:

  • colored paper (You can use text weight paper or for a more substantial card-like feel, use card stock paper.)
  • flower punch (You can use any flower shape you like; for a 3-D effect, you can get flower petals of different sizes and fold up the petals to make raised paper flowers. The flowers used in this craft were made with hydrangea flower punches by Martha Stewart Crafts.)
  • glue dots in size small
  • ruler (You can use the ruler to give the cards a nice, neat fold.)
  • scissors or a paper cutter (To cut an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper in half to fold each half into a card.)
  • washi tape

Use a paper punch to make some flower shapes.

kids' party invitations
Make some paper flower petals with your flower punch. Katherine Lee

Next, take your flower shape paper punches and make some paper flowers. (Note: You can use the same size petals to stack them on top of each other to create 3-D flowers, but using different sizes of petals gives it a more realistic look.) 


Begin making your flowers.

kids' party invitations - make paper flowers for the handmade invitations.
Use glue dots or a drop of glue to make your flower base. Katherine Lee

Use a small glue dot or a drop of glue to begin assembling the base of your flower. Stack the top petals slightly turned on top of the bottom one so that the bottom petals are visible. (See next photo.)


Add more petals to finish your flower.

kids' party invitations - glue flower petals together
Glue the rest of the petals together to form the flower. Katherine Lee

Add more petals in smaller sizes, using a different color paper for the smallest petal for the top center. 


Here are some finished paper flowers.

kids' party invitations
Your flowers will look something like this. Katherine Lee

Make a bunch of pretty paper flowers in different colors. Put them on your party invitations, and save any extra flowers in a box for later use. You can put these pretty paper flowers on thank you cards, birthday cards, party table place cards, gift bags, or whatever else you can think of. The possibilities are endless!


Add washi tape to your card.

kids' party invitations
Add some washi tape to finish your party invitation. Katherine Lee

Add some washi tape to your card and write or print out the message on the front of the card.

Be sure to add the following details inside your party invitation:

  • Where (address with complete directions)
  • Date (date and day of the week)
  • Time (what time it starts and ends)
  • RSVP information (your email and/or phone number)

You may also want to include any other information guests might need, such as how kids should dress (in play clothes if this is an outdoor games party, for example), the theme of the party, or what food will be served.


Make a batch of invitations in different colors.

kids' party invitations - make some cards in different colors
Create more party invitations in a variety of colors. Katherine Lee

Work together with your child to choose different colors of paper and washi tape patterns to create a batch of party invitations. Let your creativity shine as you make beautiful cards in whatever designs you choose. (See photo for some examples if you wanna use these as a guide.)

You'll have so much fun, you may wanna create a batch of cards to keep on hand for the next time you need a thank you card or birthday card; it'll save a trip to the store, and money, too! 

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