Baby Plus Prenatal Education System Review

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Is it possible to teach your baby before he or she is even born? That's the goal of the Baby Plus Prenatal Education System, which uses sound patterns to train your baby's brain to recognize and differentiate various inputs before birth. Baby Plus is supposed to help your baby grow up calm and smart, right from the beginning.

Baby Plus reviews from parents are generally positive. The majority of parents believe that the Baby Plus system has helped their child be calm, alert, and happy. Many also suggest that their older children perform better academically thanks to the use of Baby Plus in utero.

What Is the Baby Plus System?

The Baby Plus system consists of a battery-operated unit and a little pouch, which is strapped around mom's former waist so that the sound unit rests against her belly. When Baby Plus is turned on, it emits rhythmic thumping sounds. You are supposed to strap the unit to your belly twice a day for one hour each time, from 18 to 32 weeks gestation.

The thumping, which many people compare to a bongo sound, is said to help baby learn and respond to his or her environment in the womb because it contrasts with the two sounds that are most consistent in baby's prenatal world—mom's heartbeat and his or her own heartbeat. As the baby learns to differentiate between all of these rhythms, that little brain is stimulated in unique ways.

Some moms who have used Baby Plus find the thumping sounds soothing. Others find the sounds annoying or jarring, so if you have sound sensitivities, see if you can listen to one before buying to see if you like it. Many moms report that their babies moved quite a bit during the sessions and seemed to anticipate the sessions. Overwhelmingly, when these babies were born, the parents report that they were very alert, very calm, had little trouble learning to breastfeed, and slept very well right from the start.

  • Easy to use—just strap the unit on and play it daily, from 18 weeks to 32 weeks gestation, according to instructions.

  • Some parents find the rhythmic percussion-type sounds soothing.

  • Many parents report success with this program—very alert, calm babies who learn skills quickly.

  • Some parents attribute Baby Plus with early breastfeeding success.

  • Some parents find the thumping sounds annoying or jarring.

  • The sound patterns build and change over time, so it requires a commitment of two one-hour sessions daily to complete the whole program with baby.

  • The system is expensive.

Does It Work?

It's difficult to measure the actual success of a prenatal education program like Baby Plus because you can't really tell whether the system is responsible for a baby's calmness, alertness, or smarts. But again, the majority of parents who use the Baby Plus system are thrilled with the results.

In addition to the reports that Baby Plus babies are very alert from birth, are more calm and relaxed, and learn new skills quickly, many parents credit the increased alert times with breastfeeding success, too. While the results can't be proven, using the Baby Plus system during pregnancy certainly won't hurt anything.

It's natural to be skeptical about the Baby Plus Prenatal Education System at first. Of course, it's hard to prove that pre-birth sessions of the Baby Plus system are responsible for baby's behavior more than genetics, home environment, or even just pure blind luck.

However, if you speak to parents who have tried Baby Plus, you'll probably find that the system is very highly recommended. The number of parents who rave about this product and credit it with their baby's alertness, calm disposition, and ability to learn is amazing.

A Word From Verywell

You may not be able to prove that any results you see are because of Baby Plus, but there are certainly many parents who credit Baby Plus with their baby's happiness and learning ability. With so many parents who love the product and so few drawbacks, you have little to lose by trying Baby Plus.

By Heather Corley
Heather Wootton Corley is a mother, freelance writer and certified Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor.