35 Baby Names That Start with Letter "K"

Learn the meaning and origins of popular baby names that start with "K."

Baby names that begin with the letter K

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The Kardashian-Jenners have done it and you can too. Having a family whose names all start with the letter "K" can be really sweet, especially considering how many baby names there are to choose from in this category. It's made even more fun if your family's last name also begins with "K" — just like the Kardashians.

But even if the Kardashians aren't your inspiration, you can still opt for a baby name that begins with "K" to suit a theme you might be going for. Creating a unique baby name that starts with a specific letter is also a beautiful way to start your new addition's life. Get inspired with one of these baby names that start with the letter "K."


  • OriginIrish
  • Meaning: Vigilant in war
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Casey, Kasey, Kacey
  • Famous Namesakes: Famous people named Kacie include singer Kacey Musgraves, TV personality Casey Kasem, and actor Casey Affleck
  • Peak Popularity: Kacie was relatively popular in the 1980s, though its alternative spelling Casey is more popular.


  • OriginScandinavian
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kya
  • Famous Namesakes: Model Kaia Gerber is perhaps the most well-known person with this name.
  • Peak Popularity: Kaia has grown in popularity since entering the Social Security Administration list in 2000.


  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: Fighter
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kaidan, Kaiden, Caden
  • Peak Popularity: Kaden saw its peak popularity in the early 2000s.


  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Katelyn, Katelin, Caitlin, Catelyn, Katie, Catie, Caty, Katy, Kaitlyn, Caitlyn
  • Famous Namesakes: Actress Kaitlin Olson is a well-known Kaitlin.
  • Peak Popularity: Kaitlin was a popular name in the 1990s.


  • OriginEnglish
  • Meaning: Slender
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Caley, Kali
  • Famous Namesakes: Actress Kaley Cuoco and soccer player Kaley Fountain
  • Peak Popularity: Kaley was popular in the 1990s and early 2000s but has since fallen off the popularity list.


  • OriginGreek
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Catherine, Katharine, Catharine, Kate, Kathy, Cathy
  • Famous Namesakes: Katherine (and all its iterations) are very popular, and celebrities with this name include singer Katy Perry (whose full first name is Katheryn) and actresses Catherine O'Hara, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Katharine Hepburn, and Katherine Heigl.
  • Peak Popularity: Over the last century, Katherine has spent many years in the top 100 names, but 1991 was its best yet.


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Rejoice
  • Peak Popularity: Kay was a popular name in the 1940s.


  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Cayla
  • Famous Namesakes: Actresses Kayla Blake and Kayla Ewell
  • Peak Popularity: Kayla saw most of its popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.


  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Descendant of the fiery one
  • Famous Namesakes: Actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key is a very well-known Keegan.
  • Peak Popularity: Keegan grew in popularity for years before peaking in 2007.


  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: Heaven
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kehlani
  • Famous Namesakes: Singer Kehlani is the most well-known person with this name.
  • Peak Popularity: Keilani just entered the Social Security Administration chart for baby girls in 2018 and has grown in the years since.


  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: Her life
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kesha, Kecia, Keyshia
  • Famous Namesakes: Actress Keisha Castle-Hughes and singer Keyshia Cole
  • Peak Popularity: Keisha was a popular name in the 1970s.


  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Descendant of the bright-headed one
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kellen, Kellin
  • Famous Namesakes: Twilight actor Kellan Lutz and singer Kellin Quinn
  • Peak Popularity: The name Kellan entered the chart in 2007 and has stayed steady ever since.


  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Bright-headed
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kelli, Kellie, Kelley
  • Famous Namesakes: Kelly is quite a popular name. Well-known Kellys include TV show host Kelly Ripa, singer Kelly Rowland, and actress Kelly Preston.
  • Peak Popularity: Kelly was a popular name in the 1970s, with its biggest year being 1977.


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: From Ceol's Island
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kelsie, Kelsi
  • Famous Namesakes: Actor Kelsey Grammer is one of the most famous Kelseys.
  • Peak Popularity: Kelsey was a popular name for baby girls born in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Valley of the River Kent
  • Famous Namesakes: Model Kendall Jenner is a well-known person with this name.
  • Peak Popularity: The name Kendall peaked in 2012.


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Water baby
  • Famous Namesakes: Fashion designer Kendra Scott and reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson
  • Peak Popularity: Kendra was a popular name in the late 1980s.


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Bold ruler
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Ken
  • Famous Namesakes: Musician Kendrick Lamar and actor Kendrick Sampson
  • Peak Popularity: Kendrick has grown in popularity since the 1960s, and 2013 has been the biggest year so far.


  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Misshapen head
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kenny, Ken
  • Famous Namesakes: Nancy Drew actress Kennedy McMann and professional soccer player Kennedy Asamoah Boateng
  • Peak Popularity: Kennedy is a popular name currently—it has seen a surge in usage in the 2010s.


  • OriginScottish
  • Meaning: Handsome
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kenny, Ken
  • Famous Namesakes: There are plenty of famous people with the name Kenneth or one of its iterations, like singers Kenny Rogers and Kenny Chesney and baseball player Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • Peak Popularity: Kenneth is an old-fashioned name that was most popular in the 1920s and 1930s.


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Coastal land
  • Famous Namesakes: Old Hollywood actors Kent McCord and Kent Taylor
  • Peak Popularity: Kent was a popular name in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.


  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Handsome
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kevyn
  • Famous Namesakes: Kevin is a popular name shared by stars like Kevin Hart, Kevin Bacon, and Kevin Durant.
  • Peak Popularity: Kevin was a popular name for baby boys for several decades, including the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.


  • OriginHawaiian
  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kai
  • Famous Namesakes: Singer Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid named their baby girl Khai in 2020.
  • Peak Popularity: Khai hasn't yet entered the Social Security Administration list of baby names, but it's possible it will do so soon with Malik and Hadid using the name.


  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Meaning: Divine
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Keyana
  • Famous Namesakes: Singer Kiana Lede and actress Kiana Madeira
  • Peak Popularity: Kiana's biggest year was 1996.


  • Origin: Irish
  • Meaning: Graceful
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kylie
  • Famous Namesakes: Singer Kylie Minogue and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner
  • Peak Popularity: In 2008, 1,089 babies were named Kiley in the U.S.—its biggest year.


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: From the meadow of the royal fortress
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Kimberley, Kim, Kimmy
  • Famous Namesakes: Kimberly is a popular name, and famous people with this name include singer Kim Petras, actress Kim Basinger, and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian.
  • Peak Popularity: Kimberly was one of the top-10 baby names from 1964 through 1977.


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: From the king's town
  • Famous Namesakes: Gwen Stefani's son's name is Kingston.
  • Peak Popularity: The name Kingston has grown in popularity since 2006.


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: King's victory
  • Famous Namesakes: You'll often see Kinsey as a last name, for famous people like actress Angela Kinsey or musician Donald Kinsey, but it works just as well as a first name.
  • Peak Popularity: Kinsey's biggest year was 1998.


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Christ-bearer
  • Famous Namesakes: Singer Kip Christian Moore
  • Peak Popularity: Kip is a name that was popular in the 1960s.


  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: Christ-bearer
  • Famous Namesakes: Actor Kit Harington and influencer Kit Keenan
  • Peak Popularity: Kit was most popular in 1955.


  • OriginHebrew
  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Famous Namesakes: Late NBA player Kobe Bryant is the most famous Kobe.
  • Peak Popularity: The name Kobe entered the list of popular baby names in 1997, the year after Bryant was drafted into the NBA. Its most popular year was 2001.


  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Christian
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Christa, Crista
  • Famous Namesakes: Actresses Christa B. Allen and Christa Miller
  • Peak Popularity: Krista was a popular name for baby girls born in the 1980s.


  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Christian
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Christy, Cristy
  • Famous Namesakes: Actress Christy Carlson Romano and model Christy Turlington
  • Peak Popularity: The late 1970s were a popular time for the name Kristy.


  • Origin: American
  • Meaning: Courteous
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Curt
  • Famous Namesakes: Author Kurt Vonnegut, singer Kurt Cobain, and actor Kurt Russell
  • Peak Popularity: It was the 1950s and 1960s where Kurt was most popular.


  • Origin: Scottish
  • Meaning: Narrow strait
  • Famous Namesakes: NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, actor Kyle Chandler, and basketball player Kyle Lowry
  • Peak Popularity: The period from 1970 to 1990 were especially big for the name Kyle.


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Lady
  • Famous Namesakes: Actress Kyra Sedgwick is one of the most well-known people with this name.
  • Peak Popularity: The most popular year for the name Kyra was 2005.
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