Fun Facts About the Baby Name Matthew

The classic name has a religious meaning that may be perfect for your son.

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Matthew is a classic baby boy's name that has remained popular for several decades and continues to rank in the top 25 baby names. Meaning "gift of God," Matthew was the first apostle to write the Gospel of Jesus, according to the New Testament, and so has a solid religious foundation. But its widespread use in popular culture has contributed to Matthew's identity as a name well-loved by parents for several generations. 

Origins of the Name Crosses Several Cultures

Matthew is a name that has been around since at least the Middle Ages. The general consensus is that its current form is an English name based on a Greek name adapted from the Hebrew name " Matityahu." It can also be an English version of the Irish name Mathuin which means "bear."

Popularity of Matthew

After hitting its peak in the mid-1990s in the top five, as of 2014, Matthew ranked number 16 among the most popular baby names in the U.S, according to the Social Security Administration. Matthew was the #1 most popular male name in the year 2001 and has remained a name that will never go out of style. The name Matthew is also popular in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Canada, Because of its popularity over time, Matthew ranks number 13 in the Top 100 Names of the Past Century.

And it's grown so ubiquitous, Matthew has spawned variations in other languages, including Matthias, Mateo, and Matayo.

Choosing a Middle Name

Matthew is one of those versatile names that lends itself well to many different pairings. One suggestion would be to avoid middle names that start with a vowel since Matthew ends in a "U" sound, which might sound awkward. Middle names beginning with a "W" might also be a little rough on the ear. Some possibilities for middle names include Matthew James, Matthew Paul, or Matthew Thomas. 

Naming a Brother or Sister

If looking to stick with a Biblical theme, parents might choose Daniel, James, Mark or Jacob as Matthew's brother. For a sister, names like Rachel, Sarah, Elizabeth or Mary are possibilities. 

Popular Culture

There's a pretty clear line between the rise in Matthew's popularity in the 1960s to the appearance of Matthews on TV shows, like Gunsmoke's Matt Dillon. There are several well-known actors named Matthew in more recent shows and movies, including Matthew McConaughey, of True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club fame; Matthew Broderick, who starred in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Producers, and Matt Damon, of Good Will Hunting and the Jason Bourne films. There's also Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc from the TV series Friends, and Matthew Fox of the TV shows Party of Five and Lost.

Celebrity Babies 

And finally, while it's not the trendiest of names, Matthew has been chosen by some celebrities for their kiddos. The list includes:

  • Matthew Richard Blosil (1999), son of Marie Osmond
  • Matthew Welch (1994), son of Catherine O'Hara and Bo Welch
  • Matthew Romano (1993), son of Ray Romano
  • Matthew Edward Lowe (1993), son of Rob Lowe
  • Matthew Trebek (1990), son of Alex Trebek

If you're searching for a solid baby name for your son, you simply can't go wrong with Matthew.

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