Newborn Baby

Baby Growth and Development

It's pretty incredible that your little one will go from resting in your arms to taking his first steps in about a year. Get a peek at all the growth and development you can expect in the baby years.
toddler yawning
Signs of Sleep Regression in Toddlers
Mom and baby looking at each other
Does My Baby Recognize Me?
baby teeth
Can a Baby Be Born With Teeth? Yes, They're Called Natal Teeth
Child playing with a baby doll
Why Do Babies Want Baby Dolls?
baby yawning in crib
Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Regression
Parents smiling at baby
Prosody Plays an Important Role in Language Development
Mom reading to newborn and older kids
Storytime: Why You Should Be Reading to Your Baby
Baby in a swaddle
How to Swaddle a Baby
Everything You Need for Your Baby: 6-9 Months
Cute Girl With Electrodes On Head Relaxing On Chair
Cortical Dysplasia: A Common Cause of Epilepsy and Seizures in Babies
NICU baby
What to Know About Dolichocephaly
Mom teaching child sign language
How to Teach Your Baby Sign Language
Illustration of baby in crib
Do Babies Have Kneecaps When They Are Born?
A baby sleeping with a dream bubble - Illustration by Madelyn Goodnight
Do Babies Dream?
Baby on tummy with mom
How to Encourage a Baby to Roll Over
Baby laughing
How to Make a Baby Laugh
when do babies start talking
When Do Babies Start Talking?
Smiling Baby
When Will My Baby Smile?
Baby on dad's shoulder
Why Is My Baby Hiccupping?
teething in babies
When Will My Baby Start Teething?
Baby not cute
Why You Shouldn't Panic If Your Baby Isn't Cute
Baby girl with hemangioma waking up
Information and Tips for Dealing with a Strawberry Hemangioma
baby feet
What to Know About the Babinski Reflex
Newborn taking a bath at bathtub
What Is Lanugo?
feeding newborn baby
An Overview of Feeding Your Baby
bilingual baby
What Are the Benefits of Teaching Your Baby Another Language?
baby sleeping in crib
Why Your Baby’s 4-Month Sleep Regression Is Normal
Close up of baby's eye
Predicting Your Baby's Eye Color Is Not an Exact Science
Photo Illustration of baby laying down
Reasons Your Breastfed Baby Is Not Growing as Expected
newborn baby
What Parents Need to Know About Baby Weight Trends and Newborn Gaining
Teenage girl holding baby boy, close up.
How to Recognize the Signs of Giftedness in Your Infant
Father Encouraging Baby Daughter To Take First Steps At Home
When Do Babies Usually Start to Stand?
Newborn baby's feet
How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby's Fingers and Toes
Belly button
Is an Outie Belly Button a Cause for Concern?
Does your baby follow a sleep schedule
When Should Your Baby Sleep Through the Night?
Newborn Baby on the Scale
How Your Newborn's Appearance May Surprise You
Baby smiling to mother during breastfeeding
Your Baby Is Born With a Natural Sucking Reflex
baby grasping finger
Why Your Newborn Has a Grasping Reflex
Baby taking steps
How the Stepping Reflex Prepares Babies to Walk Before Two Months
Child being fed by his mother (both smiling).
Is Your Baby Ready for a High Chair?
newborn baby
Overview of the Fencing Reflex in Newborns
Baby grabbing parent's finger with plantar reflex
Newborn Reflexes Are Your Infant's Involuntary Movements
Baby displaying the Moro reflex
How Psychologists Study the Moro Reflex in Infants
A baby exhibiting the Moro or startle reflex
The Moro Reflex and Why Babies Do It
Rear view of a baby's head as he's being held
How Flat Head Syndrome Can Be Prevented
difference between newborn, infant and toddler
What's the Difference Between Infants, Newborns, Babies, and Toddlers?
mom and dad in delivery room with newborn
Best Things to Say to Your Newborn
Child crying in their crib with parents outside
How to Get Your Baby to Sleep With the Ferber Method
Smiling newborn
Your Infant's Vision Development From Birth to 2 Months
Baby girl (15-18 months) sitting on bed, man's hand holding toy rabbit
How Parents Can Help Boost Their Baby's Cognitive Abilities
Newborn Infant in Mother's Arms at Hospital.
Newborn Baby Development and Milestones
tattooed man helping toddler girl play with blocks
How to Test for Normal Infant and Toddler Development
Mother and baby girl playing at home
How Can the Bayley Scales Test Show If Your Child Is Developing Right?
Newborn infant boy (0-3 months)
How Babies Develop During the First 3 Months of Life
What Is Tummy Time? And Why It's Important - Illustration by Ellen Lindner
Tummy Time 101: What To Know, and How to Make It Work for Your Baby
Mother holding her baby hand
The Different Reflexes Your Newborn's Doctor Will Test
Mother kissing baby on cheek
Tips for Developing Your Baby's Visual Tracking Skills
Woman with newborn baby
An Overview of Newborn Babies
A diagram of the fontanelles of a baby's head.
How to Care for Your Baby's Fontanelles
Best Baby Gear Rentals of 2022
Best Baby Gear Rentals of 2022