Your baby may seem eager for food or far more hesitant than you'd expect. Kids make the switch in time, and these resources can give you some tips on making the introduction and what foods to try when.
Baby clapping hands
When Can My Baby Have Salt?
Baby in high chair eating
Can My Baby Eat Rice?
baby eating strawberry
When Can My Baby Eat Strawberries?
baby eating applesauce with cinnamon
Can My Baby Have Cinnamon?
When Can My Baby Eat Peanut Butter?
baby eating cheerios
Can My Baby Have Cheerios?
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The Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches, Approved by a Dietician
Adorable baby eating baby finger biscuit on high chair - stock photo
The 7 Best Teething Biscuits of 2022, According to a Dietitian
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The 6 Best Baby Cereals of 2022, According to a Dietitian
baby solid food
When Can I Give My Baby Pablum?
Illustration of family feeding baby
Everything You Need When Your Baby Starts Solid Foods
Food for baby-led weaning
How to Start Baby-Led Weaning
Baby getting spoon-fed
When To Introduce Solid Food To Your Baby
Baby boy eating gelatin dessert in high chair
The 6 Best Baby Food Makers, According to a Dietitian
Baby boy sitting in high chair eating yogurt
When (and How and Why) to Feed Your Baby Yogurt
Baby eating eggs
How to Introduce Eggs to Baby
Girl (8-10) putting honey on slice of bread
When Can You Start Giving Your Baby Honey?
baby eating finger food
How Finger Foods Can Help Your Baby to Eat More Independently
Baby with ricotta cheese on his face
When Is It Safe to Feed a Baby Cheese?
Baby girl staring at empty bowl and spoon
Current Baby Food and Formula Recalls
Family shopping for groceries in supermarket.
The Best First Foods for Babies Beyond Cereal
baby food
Is There Lead in Your Baby Food?
rice cereal
Homemade Baby Rice Recipe and Storage Tips
Homemade baby food with broccoli and green beans
Use This Trick to Prevent Baby Food From Browning
Man making a smoothie at home.
How to Make Baby Food With Basic Kitchen Equipment
Mother handing baby a glass of water
When Can Babies Drink Water?
Baby eating finger foods
Choosing Healthy Finger Foods for Your Baby
Danish girl, 1 years old, drinking orange juice
When Is the Right time to Give a Baby Juice?
baby eating
When Can Babies Eat Fish?
Toddler eating
When Is It Safe for Babies to Eat Honey?
Mother breastfeeding girl
How to Feed Your Baby by Breastfeeding or Food Type
Best Organic Baby Food Brands
The Best Organic Baby Food Brands, According to a Dietitian
Baby drinking water from bottle
When Can Your Baby Drink Water?
Mother feeding baby
Should You Start Your Baby on Eating Cereal?
Feeding a baby for the first time with solid food
Risks Associated With Starting on Baby Food Too Early
Young mother feeding her baby boy in high chair.
Making Sense of 'Stages' and 'Steps' on Baby Food Labels
Baby Eating Baby Food With a Spoon
Is Your Baby Ready to Start Solid Food?
Doctor and nurse examining baby in doctor's office
Is Your Baby Ready to Eat Solids?
Woman shopping at farmer's market
How Can Avocados Help Baby Development?
A mother cooking
Preparing Fruits and Veggies for Homemade Baby Food
Baby boy sitting in high chair eating cereal
When Can I Give My Baby Wheat?
A mother preparing food
The Dangers of Nitrates in Baby Food and Infant Formula
Hands holding assorted nuts
When Can You Give Your Baby Tree Nuts?
Pumpkin baby food in bowl with a spoon
Pumpkin Can Be a Nutritious Food for Your Baby
a person spooning pureed baby food in tray for freezing
The Types of Pureed Baby Food You Can Freeze
Baby Eating Baby Food With a Spoon
What Are the Most Common Food Allergies for Babies?
Feeding a puree to a newbie eater
When to Feed Your Baby Certain Foods
Frozen pureed carrot cubes in tied-up transparent plastic freezer bag
How to Thaw and Prepare Frozen Baby Food Cubes Safely
Young Girl Eating Brownie Mix In Kitchen
When Can Babies Eat Chocolate?
Tired mother nursing baby daughter indoors at home, resting on bed
Best Online Lactation Consultants of 2022
An Overview of Homemade Baby Food
Baby food delivery services
The 10 Best Baby Food Delivery Services of 2022
Twin baby girls seated at table, one being spoon-fed, the other girl chewing on her fist
How to Feed Twins Solid Foods at the Same Time
Baby with peanut butter on her face
Why Early Introduction of Your Child to Peanuts May Prevent an Allergy
Father feeding his baby
How to Choose the Right Temperature for Baby Food