Celebrating Your Baby's First Birthday

First Birthday

You probably never thought this day would come, but here it is anyway—your little one's first birthday is approaching. It may have felt like the longest year of your life or the fastest, and more likely than not, a combination of the two, but either way the day is finally approaching. And now that it is, you may be wondering what the best way to celebrate your baby's first birthday is. 

Your Baby's First Birthday

From the cake (very important) to the decorations, we've got you covered on everything you might need for your baby's first birthday party. First, you will want to decide just what kind of celebration you will want to host. Will you throw a party with family and friends or do you want to have a more low-key affair? You might choose to buy a special outfit for your baby to celebrate it and wrap up a special gift for your baby to unwrap (even though he or she will probably prefer the wrapping paper anyways!) And of course, you will need to commemorate the day with lots of pictures, because your baby's first birthday only comes once in a lifetime. 

Birthday Party Themes

Your baby's first birthday doesn't need a theme, of course, but if you're searching for some inspiration to host a fun party, here are a few ideas:

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Preserving Memories

You'll want to capture all the memories of your baby's first birthday or you'll want to look back on all of the memories of your baby's first year with you. Either way, you can make the occasion extra special by preserving memories in a scrapbook or baby book:

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The Birthday Cake

The star of every first birthday is obviously your baby, but the birthday cake is pretty important too. Make your baby's first birthday a memorable one by choosing the perfect cake:

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And if cake isn't quite your thing, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. Get creative with other types of treats for your party:

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 Birthday Present Ideas

Wondering what to get your little one for his or her first birthday? It may be best to keep it simple for your baby's birthday, but if you need a little help picking out a present that your baby will enjoy, here are a few ideas:

Allergy-Friendly Birthdays

Food allergies are a common situation for many families and whether it's your baby or your guests that have allergies, you can be sure to throw a bash that will accommodate any special needs:

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Don't Forget To Say Thank You

How about some free printable thank you cards to express your gratitude to your guests who come to share your baby's special day?

Keep It Fun

Planning any party might be stressful, but for your baby's first birthday, try to focus on keeping the celebration fun for everyone involved, including you. You can read about how one mother planned her daughter's first birthday, with all the laughs and challenges along the way, as a reminder to host the kind of celebration that works for you. Don't feel like hosting an all-out party with a professional cake and gorgeous decorations? Then don't! Your baby will have fun either way, whether it's a catered spread or just PB & J spread on a sandwich. 

Making the Decision That’s Right for You

There is no wrong or right way to celebrate your baby's first birthday. Whether you choose to throw an elaborate extravaganza, keep it simple, on honor your little one in a way that is meaningful to you, one thing is for sure: It will be a birthday to remember. 

By Chaunie Brusie, RN
Chaunie Brusie is a registered nurse with experience in long-term, critical care, and obstetrical and pediatric nursing.