Baby Easter Pictures

Baby lying in grass wearing Easter bunny ears.
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If you celebrate Easter, then more than likely this holiday will provide wonderful opportunities to capture some amazing baby Easter pictures. Whether it be a trip to visit the Easter bunny, an Easter egg hunt or your baby adorned with her beautiful Easter dress or cute spring suit, be sure to have your camera on hand. Here are some tips for getting some super-cute shots with your baby.

Outdoor Easter Portraits

Easter also means that (hopefully) winter has passed by and you and your baby can enjoy some warmer weather. No doubt, you should be able to find a local photographer who is very comfortable in taking outdoor sessions. Alternatively, you might be surprised at some of the Easter pictures you can take for yourself. The outdoors often provide the perfect background and provided you've timed the photo session when your baby is happy and the weather is good, you can possibly take the shots for yourself. Consider these outdoor events or locations for your backdrop:

  1. Public gardens: As a parent who visits the Boston Public Garden frequently, I can attest to the awesomeness that gardens can offer your pictures. In the spring, these gardens are bursting with amazing colors: green grass, bold red tulips, and bright yellow daffodils. Not to mention the beauty of trees planted in the garden, your whimsical Weeping Willows, sturdy oaks, or curving Asian trees. You'll be able to get a variety of shots in a well-maintained public garden.
  2. Spring weddings: If you happen to be invited to a wedding in the Spring, steal a few minutes during the downtime between the wedding service and reception to snap some great shots. Look around the grounds to find great spots for pictures (just be sure not to interfere with the wedding!)
  3. Easter Egg Hunts: Browse your local newspaper or regional parenting magazine for community Easter Egg hunts. Bring your baby's basket, dress in spring colors, and be sure to get a picture with the Easter bunny.
  4. Petting zoos or petting farms: Here you'll be able to snap some photos of live animals in your picture. Baby chicks, ducklings, and bunnies can bring out amazing expressions in your own baby.

    Baby Easter Outfits, Costumes, and Easter Photo Props

    Now if you are looking for specific insights on how to choose the best Easter outfit or additional photo props you can include in your baby's Easter pictures, you'll want to review tips for taking Easter portraits. Generally speaking, there certainly is no shortage of Easter outfits in the stores. You should be able to find an outfit that suits both your baby and the mood you are looking to capture.

    If you have your heart set on a cute, posed portrait, you might also want to look into Easter costumes to dress your baby in. Chicks, ducks, and bunnies (compare prices) are the most common, but you might also want to think about props. Nestling your baby in an Easter basket, a cracked egg or a bird's nest can capture an aspect of Easter as well.

    Picture Ideas

    • With a wax pencil or crayon, write your child's age on an egg and color it. Then take a close up photo of your child's hand holding the age. Keep this tradition each year and watch your baby grow!
    • Smear a little melted chocolate on your baby's mouth, and take a picture of him holding a chocolate Easter bunny with the ears bitten off.
    • Place your baby in a wicker laundry basket and use stuffed animals as props. Sleeping newborns can take some fantastically cute shots with this pose.
    • Take some black and white pictures in a photo-documentary style of events like dying eggs or egg hunts.
    • Two words: bunny ears.
    • Jazz up your pictures with these Easter scrapbook ideas.
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