Hidden Dangers of ATVs for Kids

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How can ATVs be a hidden danger?

ATVs are big and loud and might seem inherently dangerous, but they also look like they are a lot of fun to ride. Other kids seem to be riding them, and they even have parks and trails where you can ride them, so how can they be dangerous? You can even rent them when you are on vacation at most popular resorts.

These are all factors that override a parent's instinct about the dangers of ATVs for kids and make ATVs good candidates for a hidden danger.

ATV Accidents

ATV accidents aren't rare. There were about 3,315 ATV related deaths in children and teens under age 16 reported from 1982 through 2017. About half were children under 12 years of age.

ATVs aren't toys. Think twice before letting your kids ride an ATV, and make sure you—and they—understand the risks. And then think again about ATV safety if you are still going to let them ride an ATV.

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