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At Home and After School

Multiple opportunities beyond the classroom can enhance your child's education. Learn how to support your kids with help at home and extra activities.
Child doing downward dog on yoga mat
New Ideas for Brain Breaks for Kids
Girl raising her hand
How Your Child Should Spend Their Time on Each School Day
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How Hosting a Carnival Can Benefit Schools
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How to Make a Better Homework Schedule for Your Family
Kids working on robotics STEM project
Find the Best Extracurricular Activity for Your Child
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Know the Warning Signs of a Struggling Student
Too much homework
Does Your Kid Have Too Much Homework?
Teenage students looking at model windmill in classroom
Creative Middle and High School Science Fair Project Ideas to Try
Mom and son working on science project
Different Options of Science Fair Projects for Your Student
Girl playing with magnetic letters
5 Fun and Inventive Ways to Teach Your Child How to Spell
science fair project terms, father and son smiling, computer
Vocabulary You'll Need to Help Your Child With Science Fair Projects
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Best Online History Tutoring Services of 2022
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The 6 Best Online Algebra Tutoring Services of 2022
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Online Learning Platforms
The 7 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2022
How to Develop Good Homework Habits in Your Kids
Girl explaining her science project to brother
What Are Some Reliable Science Fair Topic Ideas?
A good science fair experiment offers experience with the scientific method.
Ideas for Electricity-Focused Science Projects
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The Best System for Organizing and Storing School Papers