10 Asian American Parent Bloggers to Follow

Mother on sofa with her toddler perched on her legs

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There are many wonderful blogs out there by Asian American parents. Readers are drawn in as they share their experiences, perspectives, wisdom, struggles, triumphs, and best of all, laughs. Parent bloggers build bridges, create community, and inspire. The best of them also provide a beacon in the sometimes lonely, frustrating, or overwhelming endeavor of parenting—while also relishing all the day-to-day wonders of having kids.

You'll find crafty parents, expert home cooks, and parents that make it look easy—while also dishing on how you can, too. Some share confidences or analyze current events. Others let you see the often beautiful and very relatable cracks beneath the surface.

Discover 10 of the best Asian American parent bloggers to follow. Whether you're on the hunt for parents to inspire you, that you can relate to, recipes your kids will actually eat, ideas on how to balance it all, or simply to make you smile, we've got you covered.

Boston Mamas

Boston Mamas is a beautifully curated lifestyle blog created by former music and brain scientist Christine Koh. It covers the gamut of parenting how-tos, activities to do with kids, entertaining, travel, advocacy, work-life balance, relationships, style, design, and technology.

You'll find a gorgeous shopping section for fashion, beauty, and home. There is also a robust "Local" section to serves Boston families, offering such perks as summer camp guides and networking opportunities. Thanks to beautiful photography, relatable writing, expert tips, and a welcoming spirit, you'll want to bookmark this blog.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

If you're looking for irreverent, exuberant, often playful, always openhearted truth, you'll find it on Chrissy Teigen's Instagram. Teigen is a model, cookbook author, TV personality, and all-around hilarious, authentic (albeit unbelievably glamorous) mom. (You may have heard of her.) She was born in Utah and is of Thai and Norwegian descent. Currently, she is in Los Angeles, raising her two adorable kids, Luna and Miles, along with her superstar husband, John Legend.

She shares her aspirational Beverly Hills life in all its glittery, silly, and messy glory on her hugely popular social media channels and her site, Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. On her platforms, she dishes about her luxurious life, cooks amazing meals (often with her kids in tow), and cuts through all the noise to tell it like it is. Her joyful sense of humor, honest voice, and willingness to share her toughest moments along with her joys make Teigen worth following.

The Napkin Hoarder

Phyllis Myung's blog, The Napkin Hoarder, seeks to explore "navigating what it means to raise a child as an Asian American." Her writing is clever and straightforward, and she covers everything from current events to product reviews. Expect her to provide a wealth of heartfelt content on parenting, philosophy (which she cheekily calls "phyllisophy"), racial justice, faith, and technology. She also offers practical, relatable tips and resources for talking to kids about current events, race, and diversity.

Christine and the F-Word

No, this blog isn't about swearing. Instead, Christine and the F-Word has different F-words in mind, namely fashion, face, family, food, and fun. Ohio-based founder Christine Davis started her blog with the aim to "inspire moms to look and feel good." The fashionista doesn't disappoint as she offers tons of ideas on how to dress well with a baby on your hip. Davis also addresses some of the tougher parts of parenting, such as the sometimes bumpy adjustment to being a new mom.

The blog's clickable shopping feed lets you shop her looks. Her sparkly millennial mom spirit shines through writing that is unapologetically peppered with emojis, textspeak, and all-caps. She even routinely signs off her posts with the phrase "love and a little bit of sparkle."

Daddies Love Baby

For a vibrant look into New York family life, peep Leo Huang's Instagram content, daddies_love_baby. His visual diary chronicles his life with his adorable, growing son. Adorable images include his little son wearing a cozy teddy bear snowsuit or dressed up in a shiny red-and-black Chinese New Year outfit (complete with a little cap!).

Huang adds simple, heartfelt captions, such as "you melt my heart with your smile" or "can't stop looking at you." On his son's birthday, he added a sweet thank you note to his surrogate for making his parenting "dream come true." His blog is a celebration of the wonders of parenting and the bond between parents and their children.

Tech Savvy Mama

Parenting in the digital age is the focus of Tech Savvy Mama, a blog run by Washington, D.C.-based mom of two, Leticia Barr. Utilizing her background in technology and education, Barr delivers practical and usable no-nonsense advice for busy parents and teachers. Rely on her content around tech topics, such as screen-time limitations and internet safety. She explains everything in layman's terms so that non-techies can follow along easily.

Barr also branches off into a wide variety of other family-related content. Her Mother's Day gift ideas run the gamut from jewelry to bubble tea. Other blog topics include teaching teens how to drive and reviews of useful home products, such as blenders and phone chargers.


San Francisco-based Grace Hwang Lynch launched HapaMama in 2008, and it's been going strong ever since. She describes it as an "Asian Fusion Family and Food" blog, and it eloquently speaks to the unique challenges and joys of raising children in America. The mother of two smiley boys strives to create a resource for Asian immigrant families. The blog addresses a whole host of important topics, including identity, language, and Asian culture. She also has sections on food, holidays, family, and books.

The Hustling Mama

Embrace the imperfect along with all the fun at The Hustling Mama. The blog is helmed by Rosie Nguyen, a Los Angeles mother of two. The Hustling Mama is filled with an energetic vigor that brings out the happiness and silliness of everyday life. You'll find entertaining videos, such as her family dancing on the blacktop at a gas station. There is also a plethora of product reviews, including necessities like shampoo and cookies.

Perhaps the most delightful features of this blog are the scores of awesome family photos she posts. Some of the portraits are hilariously stylized; others are very real. All of them capture the nonstop smiles that seem to follow this family of four wherever they go.

Diary of a Fit Mommy

Sia Cooper's Diary of a Fit Mommy explores the challenges and joys of getting and staying fit as an expecting and new parent. The Florida-based mom is a nurse turned personal trainer. She focuses her content around health, fitness, and wellness advice.

The self-described "Home Workout Queen" espouses a confident, love-yourself vibe. Her authentic photography includes unretouched photos of her own body. She is not afraid to post about sensitive topics, such as weight fluctuation, self-acceptance, and making peace with her tummy's "skin rolls." You can also find tools and motivational tips for getting in shape, while having fun along the way.

Feminist Asian Dad

Eugene Hung created the blog, Feminist Asian Dad, to empower his two daughters, as well as his students. The California-based high-school math and social studies teacher is also a writer and public speaker. He uses his platform as a way to promote dialog about women’s rights, masculinity, and healthy relationships.

Hung's insightful posts explore such topics as current events, books, films, and working in the education system. He infuses wit and thoughtfulness to weighty topics, as well as a positive attitude that leaves readers hopeful and better informed.

By Sarah Vanbuskirk
Sarah Vanbuskirk is a writer and editor with 20 years of experience covering parenting, health, wellness, lifestyle, and family-related topics. Her work has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites, including Activity Connection, Glamour, PDX Parent, Self, TripSavvy, Marie Claire, and TimeOut NY.