Apryl Duncan


Apryl Duncan has spent the last nine years chasing little feet around the house, wearing mysterious stains on her clothes and taming tantrums. She served as the About.com Advertising Guide from 2000-2009 and has been writing for About.com for more than 15 years.


As a freelance writer and copywriter for more than 20 years, Apryl's writing has been published worldwide and translated into nine languages. She dedicated more than a decade to working in advertising and PR before becoming a work-at-home mom. One day she blinked and her older son had transformed into a walking, talking energy machine. That's when Apryl decided to give up her outside job to tackle her career as a stay-at-home mom full-time. Now she's working with her most demanding bosses yet: two boys and a baby girl.

Even with non-stop toddler demands and smelly baby diapers in the house, Apryl is still doing what she enjoys most. She thinks it's a privilege to be able to watch children grow and learn firsthand. That's why she loves homeschooling her kids, leading Sunday school for two and three year olds and teaching at the local homeschool group's coop for students from grades kindergarten through high school.

Apryl also spends a lot of time on the road shuttling kids to tennis, soccer, piano and scouts. She jokes that she stays alive by eating the crumbs the kids leave behind and sleeping at red lights.


Apryl attended the University of Tennessee, majoring in communications with a minor in sociology. She completed her B.A. in Communications at Honolulu University.

A Word From Apryl Duncan

Today's stay-at-home mom is shattering all of the stereotypes associated with life at home with the kids. Gone are the images of us wearing long dresses with perfect hair and beautiful pearl necklaces as we bake gingerbread in our sparkling clean kitchen.

Not every day is worthy of a greeting card to mark your special moments as a stay-at-home mom. But you can find a balance to give your whole family a happy, healthy life filled with wonderful memories.

From saving money to having fun with your kids, my goal as the About.com Stay-at-Home Moms Expert is to help you relish your SAHM career. Together, we'll break through the barriers stay-at-home moms encounter while supporting each other on this crazy, wonderful ride as a SAHM.

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