Ann Logsdon


  • School psychologist specializing in developmental disabilities
  • Former director of special education for preschool through high school
  • State-level special education consultant



Ann Logsdon is a school psychologist specializing in helping parents and teachers support students with a range of educational and developmental disabilities. Ann has over eighteen years in special education. As a former director of special education for preschool through high school and a school psychologist, Ann has provided diagnostic assessments and assisted with program development for individual students and for school-wide initiatives. She worked as a state level special education and equity consultant and investigated special education complaints. Currently, Ann is an administrator for disability services at Kentucky State University.

Ann's experience includes:

  • Internship with the Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute - Assessment and program development for children with severe, low-incidence disabilities.
  • Mental Health Specialist Trainee - Provided service coordination for adults with mental health issues in the penal system.
  • School Psychologist - Serving students from preschool through high school with assessment, counseling, and developing individual education programs.
  • Director of Special Education - Coordination of preschool and k-12 special education programs for students with disabilities.
  • State Consultant - Monitored school districts for compliance with IDEA requirements, investigated parent complaints, assisted with multi-disciplinary scholastic reviews—evaluation of regular and special education programs, and provided technical assistance to parents and schools on disability, multicultural education, gender equity, and other educational issues.


Ann holds a bachelor's degree in English. She has also earned master's and education specialist degrees in School Psychology from the University of Kentucky. She completed post-graduate courses in special education law, mediation, school administration, and special education financial management. She holds certification as a school psychologist and director of special education.

A Word From Ann Logsdon

Helping parents, teachers, and students discover their talents and learn to overcome learning disabilities has been my dream job since childhood. Students are a never ending source of challenge and amazement, and I enjoy working with them and for them every day!

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