Amanda Rock



Amanda Rock is a former writer for Verywell Family covering preschool parenting. For more than a decade, Amanda has spent her professional career writing and editing for parents and children. An award-winning writer, she has held editorial positions at Woman's Day Special Interest Publications and and has written for various magazines and websites, including Newsday's Parents & Children and Newsday's Wellness, as well as Scholastic Teachers,, and as a featured blogger.

Amanda Rock is the mom to three children—a son born in 2000, a daughter born in 2003, and a son born in 2009.


Amanda holds a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Journalism from LIU Post in Brookville, N.Y.

A Word From Amanda Rock

The unbridled enthusiasm that every preschooler has for life is contagious. There's nothing better than watching a young child in action as they live, learn, laugh, and love with their whole selves.

And as your preschooler discovers new things every day, giggles with reckless abandon, and explores a limitless imagination, you can be right by their side, experiencing the world the way only a child can.

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