Can Positive Affirmations Help You to Conceive a Baby?

Positive thinking and affirmations for conception and beyond

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Deciding to have a baby is a big step. Once you've decided to try to conceive, you tend to think about the physical side of conception and pregnancy. You might track your menstrual cycle, for example. You will probably work on healthy habits like good nutrition and physical exercise. But few people think about preparing for pregnancy through mental or spiritual exercise. 

Can Affirmations Really Help Me Conceive?

Affirmations can help to prepare the mind—and thus the body—in a few important ways. An affirmation practice can relieve stress and anxiety, both of which can undermine physical wellness. Affirmations can make it easier to sleep and eat, and of course, regular sleep and good nutrition are important for conception. Using positive affirmations can help alleviate fears about the process of getting pregnant and prepare the mind for pregnancy.

Using affirmations is a simple step prospective parents can take in the conception process. It can't hurt to try to think positively, even when getting pregnant is challenging.

How to Use Positive Affirmations for Conception

To use positive affirmations, you can simply take a sentence or phrase that has some meaning to you and repeat it often, either out loud or in your mind. Some people chose to post their affirmations around the house and on their calendars or even have them emailed to themselves. They say the affirmation and try to meditate on its meaning for a few seconds.

The actual affirmation can be changed as often as you would like. Here are some examples:

  • I am taking care of my body and mind in order to welcome a baby.
  • My body is designed to conceive.
  • My body works well in order to get pregnant.
  • Patience and care help my body prepare for pregnancy.
  • My womb is open to new life.

An affirmation should fit what you need to affirm, addressing particular concerns or worries you may have. Consider making your own affirmations. Start with an active statement, such as:

  • I am
  • My mind is open to
  • My body is open to
  • My baby is
  • I know
  • My body knows

Positive Affirmations for a Healthy Pregnancy

Once you become pregnant, your mind will turn to a whole new set of questions, concerns, and anxieties. What about miscarriage? Will the baby will healthy? Will I be able to manage my job while pregnant? How painful is the birth process? Will I be a good mother? What about breastfeeding?

Positive affirmations can make a difference during and after pregnancy if you take them seriously and practice them regularly. They can't help you ensure a perfect pregnancy or delivery. But they can reduce anxiety and stress, which may, in turn, reduce morning sickness and other aches and pains.

Affirmations may also promote a sense of connection with your unborn child, support your physical and mental health throughout your pregnancy, and make it easier for you to enjoy your pregnancy. You can also use affirmations to help manage the birth process and reduce the anxiety you may be feeling about your ability to manage motherhood. Consider a pregnancy affirmation such as the examples below, or develop your own.

  • My body knows exactly how to care for my growing baby.
  • My body was made to nurture a baby.
  • I am the best parent for my baby.
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