Activity Trackers for Kids

Would one of these tech trackers motivate your kids to move more?

Adults have dozens of activity trackers to choose from, including wristbands, watches, necklaces and smartphone apps. If your kid is motivated by data gathering and fitness through gamification, consider one of these activity trackers made especially for kids.


LeapFrog LeapBand

LeapBand activity bands for kids

LeapFrog jumps into the activity tracker game with these durable bands designed for young children.

The LeapBand tracks activity plus issues challenges to encourage kids to play actively with a virtual pet.

The more they move, the more energy points they can use to care for their pet, as well as unlock additional activities and animals. Ages: 4 to 7. 


x-Doria KidFit

x-Doria KidFit activity tracker

This activity tracker launched in 2014 and adds a new feature: sleep tracking.

Parents can help kids set personalized targets for activity, with indicator lights providing feedback throughout the day.

If you like, you can even grant your child a real-world reward (like a toy or an outing) based on tracked activity. ​Ages: 5 to 13. 


Striiv Smart Pedometer

Striiv pedometer

While not strictly a kids' activity tracker, the Striiv can be a good choice.

This tracker includes a colorful, informative display and also incorporates races and games that will appeal to most kids and tweens.

The Striiv also rewards more intense exercise by granting extra energy points. (The downside is its cost.) Ages: 8 and up. 


Zamzee Activity Meter

Zamzee activity meters

The Zamzee meter is easy to use and loads of fun for kids, with an accompanying website that's thoughtfully designed and motivating.

As with GeoPalz and some other activity trackers, kids can convert real-life movement into both virtual and actual rewards.

One drawback to the Zamzee is that it is no longer commercially available. It is provided through health insurance programs and medical centers. Ages: 6-12. 


Miiya Smartwatch

Miiya smart watch

This kiddie wearable incorporates tracking for both fitness and safety.

Parents can create a virtual leash via the device, which will trigger an alarm if the child roams out of range.

For motivation, the Miiya offers kids "missions" to complete via physical activity. Ages: 4 and up.

Fitness Tracking Apps

If your tween or teen has a smartphone, then she can use a route-mapping or activity-tracking apps​, such as Endomondo or MapMyRun, without an accompanying device.

By Catherine Holecko
Catherine Holecko is an experienced freelance writer and editor who specializes in pregnancy, parenting, health and fitness.