8 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Photos from the First Trimester

Tattoo in 8th Week - Belly Photo

8 Weeks Pregnant - 1st Baby - Tattoo
Photo © H. Newell

Has morning sickness hit you yet? It might cause you to lose a bit of weight if it's bad enough. Here are pregnancy photos from the first trimester, 8 weeks pregnant in this belly gallery. Enjoy the pregnancy photos!

The fun part about the 8th week of pregnancy is that you have now missed two periods. That makes the whole pregnancy thing seem more real for many women. Sure, the morning sickness, ​insomnia, and fatigue - but missing two periods? That's serious business.

I think the confidence that comes with the 8 weeks down, is also that you are learning to take control of the pregnancy symptoms. Early on, you may have just tried to roll with the punches. Now you know what you're up against and you are going to actively work to be more comfortable and in control. Remember to relax and enjoy it a bit - even if you're just barely hanging on for dear life right now.

Your Body 8 Weeks Pregnant - 8 Week Ultrasounds - Your Baby at 8 Weeks

 Mom shows off her belly and her tattoo. SHe's expecting her first baby and is 8 weeks pregnant in this picture.

2nd Baby - 8 Weeks Pregnant Belly

8 Weeks Pregnant - 2nd Pregnancy
Photo © R. Pridham

With a second baby, her body has done this before, sometimes that means you look a bit pregnant a bit faster.

Baby #2 - 8 Weeks Pregnant

8 Weeks Pregnant - 2nd Baby
Photo © C. Pike

Her second baby and she's already in her bathing suit - I love that about second babies. You know you just have to jump in and live your life.

8 Weeks Pregnant - 2nd Baby

8 Weeks Pregnant - 2nd Baby
Photo © M. Jones

 This silhouette is a nice touch for a pregnancy photo.

Cesarean Scar - 8 Weeks Pregnant

Cesarean Scar - 8 weeks Pregnant - 2nd Pregnancy - Pregnant Belly Photos
Photo © Diana P.

This is mom's second pregnancy.

This mom is expecting her second baby. Her first baby was born by c-section. Here she is showing you the healed scar.

1st Baby - 8 Weeks

8 Weeks - 1st Baby Belly
Photo © S. Burton

First babies are something special - there is nothing like walking through your first pregnancy. The mystery and wonder - you don't get it back - enjoy it.

First Baby - 8 Week Baby Belly

8 Weeks - 1st Baby
Photo © Tammy

Ah, the end of the day stretchy pants. That's something you learn quickly, even if it's your first baby.

First Baby - 8 Weeks Pregnant

8 Weeks Pregnant - 1st Baby
Photo © Theresa

Her belly is rounding out, probably at the end of the day. It's like the muscles are a little more tired and letting it all hang out. 

2nd Baby - 8 Weeks Pregnant Belly

8 Weeks - 2nd Pregnancy
Photo © Shona

At eight weeks pregnant, she's smiling because it's her second baby and she's ready to rock this pregnancy thing!

Third Baby - 8 Weeks Pregnant

8 Weeks - 3rd Baby
Photo © Kassandra

Three babies! Not many people choose to have more than two, but when you've decided to become the mom to many - it opens up doors you never thought existed. 

Third Baby - 8 Weeks Pregnant

8 Weeks - 3rd Pregnancy
Photo © Tori

Having a third baby can be a bit sad. You want to celebrate all the pregnancy milestones, but then again you have two kids to take care of - while pregnant. The first trimester is hard because you're so tired, possibly sick, and just over it already.

Nors' First Baby at 8 Weeks

8 Weeks Pregnant, First Baby
Photo © Nors

A lot of people will say that you can't have a family over 35. There are many moms out there who are proving, like this one, that you can have a baby over 35. You may have a higher risk of some things, but ​​the risk doesn't guarantee that it will happen to you. You and your doctor or midwife should talk and figure out a game plan.