8 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Large Family Organized


8 Tips for Keeping Your Large Family Organized

Please note this content was written and produced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Verywell Family and Ford recommend readers follow CDC guidelines as they pertain to social distancing.

The Merrifields, a family of nine, share tips for keeping a large family well-organized. Family organization isn’t just about rules. It’s also about patience and love. And driving a vehicle like the Ford Transit van makes life easier for everyone.

To help a large family stay organized, the Merrifields recommend the following tips:

  1. Create a weekly chore chart that ensures everyone knows what jobs they need to do.
  2. Schedule weekly one-on-one time, so every child knows they can count on getting individual attention.
  3. Give everyone a personalized go-bag. Make the kids responsible for grabbing their bag as they head out the door.
  4. Offer to carpool with other families, so you can make your trips to and from activities more efficient.
  5. Create a space that boosts learning, so everyone can concentrate on their school work.
  6. Use your time in the car to check in with every child. Invite everyone to share about their day, and see which child may need a little extra help.
  7. Take fun seriously by engaging in activities that give you an opportunity to enjoy one another’s company, like going out for ice cream.
  8. Encourage nightly speed cleans that make cleaning fast and fun. When you turn cleaning into a game each evening, your mornings will go more smoothly.
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