4Moms Infant Bath Tub Review

4Moms Infant Tub
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Long gone are the days of testing the baby’s bath water with your elbow, thanks to the new 4moms infant bath tub. Having four children, I have tried my share of infant bath tubs. I am happy to say that I’m listing 4Moms’ baby bath tub among my favorite ever invented. The generous size of the tub allows you to use this tub from baby’s first bath to about the first year. 4Moms suggests stopping using the tub when baby can sit up unassisted. I like the tub so much I might continue to use it after that.

Thanks to the design of the tub, there is no need to add an infant insert for smaller babies. The tub is white with a blue foam padding in it. There are sweet little feet printed on the tub to help remind you which direction the baby goes in the tub. The tub has an innovative design so that clean water flows in and dirty water flows out. There are also two cup holders and an included pouring and rinsing cup for cleaning baby’s hair. While you are using the tub, you leave a small amount of water running in the tub and over the thermometer’s sensor. The smart thermometer tells you when the baby’s water is at optimal temperature range and displays the exact temperature of your baby’s bath water. If the water gets too cold or too warm the thermometer beeps at you. The thermometer is also color coded for ease of use. It was genius for this mama who was busy watching my baby enjoy her bath.  The clean water in system does use a bit more water than other tubs, so if you’re working on water conservation, I might opt out of using this feature.

(That could be done by filling the tub and using the thermometer to test the water initially and then turning the thermometer off as you turn the water off.) At the end of the tub there is a clean water reservoir so I used this water specifically for rinsing the baby. It’s like they’ve thought of everything.

Another test that I have for baby bath tubs is: how hard is it to empty and dry the tub? A moldy bath tub is not helpful for anyone. We moms don’t have time to spend hours cleaning up the tub after we just cleaned the baby! The 4Moms tub has three generous sized plugs to empty water out. It took only seconds for water to go out of the tub and within an hour the entire thing was dry. This is a major benefit over traditional sponge bath inserts, which take days to fully dry. There are a lot of corners in the tub but I was able to clean it with mild soap and water and the draining system meant that I didn’t have any trouble cleaning it. Babies love to create bathroom messes in a relaxing bath – you will care how easy the baby bath is to clean at some point – I promise.

The 4Moms tub fit nicely over my kitchen sink. If you have a larger sink It would likely fit in the sink, or you could place it inside your bathtub. It stores in one piece. If you have a very small living space, this might be too large of a product for you to store. The dimensions are 32"L x 16.75"W x 9"H and it weighs 3.58 pounds. The thermometer requires 3 AAA batteries. If you’re giving this tub as a gift, I suggest adding those in the box. There is an included six month warranty on the tub.

I was surprised that the tub only cost $50. This is a great price point for such a fully functional bath. Adding some baby wash and towel and washcloth would be a great gift to give an officemate or friend.

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