19th Week Ultrasounds - Pregnancy

Pictures of Your Baby's Development

1st Baby - Boy - 3D Ultrasound at 19 Weeks

19 Week 3D Ultrasound - Boy
Photo © E. Oakes

This is a very common week to have an ultrasound scan done. You might be able to find out the sex of your baby, if that is your choice. On a different note, have you felt the baby move yet?

The nice part about this time frame for an ultrasound is that most of the structures that they want to see on the baby are quite visible and not hidden because your baby is so big. And yet they can also tell a lot about the health of your baby at this point. Most prenatal care providers will offer you a mid-pregnancy ultrasound. This is done to check for certain structures. This is usually done as a 2D ultrasound, but many practices now offer 3D ultrasound technology.

You should plan to bring someone with you to your ultrasound, like your partner, your friend, a parent - heck, maybe even more than one person. You should ask before your visit if there is a limit on the number of people who can be with you as some places do impose limits.

There are places that are set up in the mall or store fronts. Even though these places may have good equipment, they are not a replacement for care from your doctor or midwife. Those are considered keepsake ultrasounds. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned against using keepsake ultrasound facilities for a variety of reasons. One thing moms tell me that motivates them to avoid the storefront ultrasound vendors is the fact that they do not take insurance - it's cash only. 

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First baby, a boy! This was our only ultrasound session for the pregnancy so it was super exciting. We didn't even buy the 3D package, but the technician threw some in anyway! He kept putting his hands up and pushing back.

19 Week 3D Ultrasound of Baby's Face

3D Ultrasound - 19 Weeks
Photo © R. Jenkins

The detail is so great, part of that is the increasing gestational age and part of that detail is from the 3D ultrasound.

It's a boy at 19 weeks!

19 Week Ultrasound Boy
Photo © J. Yaist

It's a boy! And he's not shy about showing it in this ultrasound

Baby at 19 Weeks

19 Week Ultrasound
Photo © Sarah

Can you put your feet over your head like that? Your baby still can at 19 week along.

Spine at 19 Week Ultrasound

19 Week Ultrasound Spine
Photo © J. Yaist

That is one long spine and in amazing detail. This always amazes me in these ultrasound, each little bone.

Smiling 3D Ultrasound at 19 Weeks

Baby's Face - 19 Weeks - 3D
Photo (c) K. Seraydarian

Is that a smile? You can really tell a lot of description in baby's face in some of the 3D ultrasound photos.

Baby's Face at 19 Weeks Via Ultrasound

19 Week Ultrasound Face
Photo © J. Yaist

Baby is looking at you! The 2D or regular ultrasounds look very quiet and simple comparatively. But they are still the standard for checking on baby's health.

Fingers - 3D Ultrasound at 19 Weeks

19 Week Ultrasound - 3D
Photo © S. Williams

Give me a high five! These 3D fingers seen via ultrasound at 19 weeks are really amazingly detailed!

Baby Boy at 19 Week Ultrasound

It's a boy! - 19 Weeks - 3d Ultrasound
Photo (c) K. Seraydarian

There is little to doubt about this boy's ultrasound. 3D is really good at helping you see that right away.

19 Week Ultrasound - Boy

It's a boy! - 19 Week Ultrasound
Photo © C. Baker

I'm a boy! This is a very clear shot, even though it's a 2D ultrasound. 19 weeks is a good time for identifying the girls from the boys.

Spine and Profile at Week 19

19 week Ultrasound
Photo © C. Baker

This is an amazingly clear look at the baby's spine. The profile is not bad either!