10 Black Mommy Bloggers to Follow

Black mommy bloggers to follow

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If you’re looking for some inspirational Black mommy bloggers, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want advice on how to travel with kids (and you’re looking for fun places to explore) or you simply want to read stories from other moms who can relate to what you’re going through, check out these 10 Black mommy bloggers.

Mommy Week

Ashley, the creator of Mommy Week, combines fun, vibrant pictures with entertaining and educational content. Whether you’re looking for recipes, DIY activities, family or healthy living information, you won’t be disappointed.

She also writes a lot of blog posts about how to be realistic with technology and kids. With posts like, “How to Change the Narrative With Your Kids Surrounding Device Usage” and “5 Digital Tech Mantras We’re Adopting in 2020,” you’ll see how this mom is navigating screen time in a healthy way with her family.

Mater Mea

Many different writers contribute to Mater Mea, whose purpose is to share Black motherhood stories. They offer expert advice on “everything from finding a midwife to handling microaggressions at work.” Their goal is to help Black moms thrive in motherhood, life, and career.

In addition to blog posts, they also offer a podcast, live events, and videos. From expert Q&As to inspirational social media posts, they have something for everyone. They share a lot of first-person content, so you can learn from other moms, but mix it in with expert advice so you can gain a variety of perspectives.

What MJ Loves

What MJ Loves provides a variety of content on food, parenting, and kids. MJ says she strives to share the positive aspects of parenting as well as the challenges.

With beautiful pictures of her family playing outside and helpful content with actionable tips, like “5 Ideas for Mommy and Me Time During a Stay at Home Summer,” her blog gives you a realistic look at parenting.

MJ's background is in sales and marketing. She has a master's degree in telecommunications and information management, so she knows how to create excellent articles. She has experience as a pastry chef too, so be sure to check out her food-related content.

Mommy Talk Show

Joyce Brewer is the creator of the Mommy Talk Show. She’s an Emmy-award winning TV journalist turned social media influencer and blogger.

The topics she writes about include travel, beauty products, family and health. In addition to blog posts, she provides engaging video content.

One of the things that makes her blog stand out is that she offers a business idea guide for moms. Any mom entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) should check out her advice.

Product Review Mom

Louida Martin, who goes by Lou, is the Product Review Mom. She started her blog in 2012 as a hobby. She just wanted to document products she tested. But the success of her blog turned her work into a full-time business.

Now, this mother of two shares her thoughts about a variety of topics, such as beauty, skincare, fashion, entertainment, food, cars, and money-making opportunities. Sometimes her daughters share their thoughts too.

If you have any interest in becoming a product reviewer, she shares her best tips and resources for that as well.

Mattie James

Mattie James has created a successful lifestyle blog where she shares beauty trends, influencer tips, home décor advice, and self-care must-haves. She says, “If it’s made my life better, I’m happy to share.”

This mom of three has turned her blog into a business. And now she teaches other people how to create six-figure businesses. She even offers a masterclass that teaches influencers how to pitch brands.

So while she writes about a variety of topics, parenting is one of her main subjects. It’s a great resource for busy parents—especially entrepreneurs.

Two Chocolate Faces 

Kayla Eubanks is the mom behind Two Chocolate Faces. She shares her journey as she and her husband raise twin boys—who are now toddlers.

While Kayla shares the joys of parenting, she also keeps it real. She talks about her struggles and her fears.

She also happens to be a personal trainer, so she incorporates fitness posts into her blog as well. And she isn’t afraid to talk about her personal journey either. For example, she talked about how she gained weight during quarantine.

She’s also a special education teacher and recently earned a Master's degree. So, as you might imagine, she’s got a busy schedule—but she shares how she makes things work for her family.

Rattles and Heels

Adanna is a New York City mom who created Rattles and Heels. Originally from Grenada, this mother of three shares her best advice for motherhood, travel, and fashion.

She creates a lot of content for her clients’ websites and their social media channels—so clearly, she’s good at what she does. It’s no wonder she’s frequently mentioned in the media. Her beautiful images and catchy titles will likely inspire you to go on more family vacations, take better care of yourself, and up your style game.

The Traveling Child

Monet is a mother of two and the creator of The Traveling Child blog. She created it as a way to inspire parents to travel around the world with their kids. She addresses concerns many parents have about international travel with kids, such as the expense and safety issues.

She offers everything from vacation itineraries in Madrid to back-to-school shopping ideas.

Monet’s blog has been so successful that she now coaches other people who want tips on how to launch their own blog.

Sincerely Onyi

Onyi is the 30-something Nigerian American and mother of two behind Sincerely Onyi. She works as a physician’s assistant and maintains a long-distance marriage. In addition to all that, she blogs about motherhood, lifestyle, and travel.

From articles on Black history books for preschoolers to blog posts on multigenerational family trips, she offers actionable tips and helpful strategies for any busy mom who is looking to get the most out of life.

By Amy Morin, LCSW
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